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Lindsay Lackner Davey: Living Authentically

Episode Summary

Lindsay may only stand 5'2" tall but her personality can fill a room. She is a mechanical engineer converted into sales professional. Over the last 14 years she has worked for ExxonMobil and their Canadian affiliate Imperial Oilerience in a variety of sales and marketing positions. Over her time in sales Lindsay began to notice a trend. Many millennials, young professionals and women 'opted-out' of a career in sales because they saw it as inauthentic. Disillusioned with her own initial sales role models and the bravado sometimes perpetuated by the selling industry, Lindsay set-out to find a way to get sales without selling her soul. This spurred her to add entrepreneur to her job title as she launched Authentic Sales, a company committed to helping people recognize their innate sales strengths and commit to a path of mindful, intentional selling. On this journey we explore how living authentically transcends the sales career and has been a powerful way for Lindsay to help empower others and herself to step into their fullest potential. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

To learn more about Authentic Sales visit www.authenticsales.com

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