Rising Tide

Liz Brunner: Dare to Own You

Episode Notes

Liz Brunner had a distinguished 28 year career in television where she served as the co-anchor for the #1 rated 6 pm newscast at ABC-TV's WCVB and conducting exclusive one-on-one interviews with prominent figures, including President Barack Obama. Despite her tremendous success, Liz couldn't help noticing in her profession that the men were getting older and the women were getting younger. She had loved her job but knew she was ready for the next chapter. But what would that be? Over the next two years Liz would seek out that answer and in 2013 Liz launched Brunner Communications.

Over the next 7 years she built a successful business that was 95% in-person. Then the pandemic hit...there was a moment Liz thought everything she had built might be gone. Liz channeled the adversity into fuel and pivoted her business, launched a podcast, and authored her first book

Liz shares her remarkable journey and we discuss:


Episode Notes: