Rising Tide

Tiffany Castagno: The Power of Telling Your Career Narrative

Episode Notes

Tiffany Castagno's story is one of bravery, self doubt, and ultimately stepping into your power. A story of realizing that the struggle to fit in meant instead she was born to stand out.


After years as a billing specialist, Tiffany earned her BA and Masters in HR to launch her new career. What followed was a winding journey where she experienced the power of mentors in helping her craft her career narrative, the shame associated with changing companies 7X in just 9 years, and her battle with career induced depression. Tiffany sees each experience as an asset that allows her lead, coach, and shape the corporate world to be more psychologically safe so all individuals can thrive. Today Tiffany is the founder of CEPHR,a consulting firm helping Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Start-ups to build infrastructure, policies, programs, and a strong employer brand and culture. Tiffany is also the co-author of the children's book Can a Zebra Change It's Stripes , which uncovers the importance of acceptance and what it means to make diversity a strength.

In addition to running her own company, Tiffany is on the Board of Directors for Open Field, a non-profit focused on improving the lives of youth through sport and Ascender, a Pittsburgh community for Entrepreneurs that provides educational programming, mentorship, coaching, and co-working space to help entrepreneurs start and build their business.